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Logistics company celebrates 30 years in SA

Global logistics company, Leschaco – with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany – celebrates its 30th year in Gauteng with a strong growth outlook, despite current national and global economic challenges.

“Following a major restructuring process in 2012, we are pleased to say that we have achieved 15% growth in the 2014/2015 financial year, with a projected growth of 6% for the 2015/2016 period,” said Leschaco COO, Oliver Oestreich, adding that this positive projection was subject to several unforeseen factors, including a volatile economy. “But so far, 2015 is going very well, so we are positive and we are back on track after our restructuring.”

He commented that challenges such as increased competition – especially from larger players who have better liquidity – could be overcome by ensuring a consistently good service and building strong relationships. “Furthermore, Europe’s economy is getting stronger and the fact that we have a powerful foothold on the continent counts in our favour,” added Oestreich.

Jörg Conrad, CEO of the owner-managed company, said that there was a lot of investment in the automotive sector in Gauteng – particularly from Europe – which provided good opportunities for growth, including in the chemicals sector. “A lot of chemicals are used in the manufacturing of cars as well, which has further boosted demand.”

Leschaco’s strategic location in Gauteng – the gateway business hub of sub-Saharan Africa, according to Conrad – also allows the company to take advantage of opportunities further into Africa. “There is increasing demand for logistics services into West Africa, especially for mobile and electronics products,” he said.

Managing director of Leschaco South Africa, Marklin Naidoo, added that the company would further boost its growth by introducing a full logistics service – from storage and warehousing to distribution. “There has been increasing demand for that and we are prioritising the development of this,” he said.

(c) Freight and Trading Weekly, September 2015 - Ms. Adele Mackenzie, Shannon Van Zyl



Positive growth ahead … Oliver Oestreich, Marklin Naidoo and Jörg Conrad.